Step into

5 day women's retreat in cumberland gap, tn

Step away from normal life & immerse yourself in ritual, nature and sisterhood so you can pour deeper into your relationships, kids & business by pouring into you first.

hosted april 20-24, 2023

Go on a sacred adventure in sisterhood to unlock a new dimension of you

This retreat is for those who want to experience more from life- more depth, more intimacy, more love, more connection

To let go of shame and fear, regulate the nervous system and somatically release stress

To feel worthy of receiving new levels of pleasure, wealth and ease and make magic and miracles her new norm

and surrender into bliss, wonder, gratitude and harmony

The divine feminine is calling you home...

I see a vision of you, sister.

Standing powerfully in your full radiance. Expressing yourself with deep passion and fierce inner fire.

Tuning into crystalline clarity about what you want and why you want it.

Turning on your true wildness.

Leaning into the truth that you are worthy and deserving of ALL of your desires and claiming your feminine birthright.

Feeling loved and whole from your own magic and medicine.

Knowing what’s true for you and following your own path, unapologetically.

I know that all of this is in you, and you’ve landed here to unleash this sacred feminine power.

we are so excited to go on this journey with you.


Permanent and sustainable transformation on the deepest levels of the mind

The most potent forms of yoga and breathwork including Conscious Connected Breath, Kundalini & Bhakti

Deep and intimate sisterhood and new friendships that will last a lifetime

A delicious reprieve in nature, held by Mama Gaia in the vortex of the Appalachia

Beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails and pristine nature right in your front yard

A soft nervous system reset of returning the most sacred ways of living and loving

Meet Your Guide

Aria Jaydara

Walking with the unconditional love of the Mother and the fire of Revolutionary, Aria is in devotion to intimacy, Sacred Union and in study of how we can deepen our connection to each other through conscious communication, embodied sovereignty, radical truth-telling and vulnerable openness. Aria harnesses the gifts of subconscious integration, feminine arts practices, intuitive coaching, breathwork and yoga to help you rise into new levels of love, wealth and leadership by creating unprecedented levels of congruency and clarity in yourself, first.

Daily Morning & Evening Practices

Daily breakfast & dinner

with breath, yoga, subconscious integration, rituals and community. We'll have a dedicated and absolutely gorgeous ceremony / altar space within walking distance from the BnB.

You'll receive breakfast and dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with lunch options available downtown. You'll receive dinner upon arrival on Thursday and breakfast upon departure on Monday.

A powerful liberation experience

Accommodations for 5 days & 4 Nights

in The Jade Temple with deep and intimate sisterhood. You'll feel yourself cracked open in ways you've never experienced before and rising to new heights of feminine embodiment, magnetism, power and pleasure.

Choose between a private room and a shared room in an adorable historic Bed and Breakfast in downtown Cumberland Gap with beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains and hiking trails, waterfalls and nature in your backyard.


as a part of this retreat journey

Relaxation & community

Travel to the property

Lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday though there are ample restaurants to choose from in downtown Cumberland Gap! 

1:1 sessions with Aria or Akasha or massages though they are available to book!

Alcoholic beverages when we go out to eat at the restaurants for dinner

If you read the testimonials at the bottom of the page, you'll find that every woman shared she experienced the deepest sense of community she ever felt. This retreat will be no different - it will open and expand your heart in ways that are so delicious and you'll make friends for a lifetime.



a state of sovereignty where you are free from the cage of expectations, standards and labels that have been placed upon you and free to write your own definition of success.

Historic Bed and Breakfast in downtown cumberland gap

The property

This historic Bed and Breakfast backs up to the National Park so there are beautiful hiking trails, waterfalls, creeks and mountain views right in your backyard. Majority of our experiences will take place within walking distance of this Bed and Breakfast and there is a Juice Shop, Coffeeshop and a few restaurants within walking distance as well. :)


Enjoy breakfast together at the Bed and Breakfast before our morning practices - we'll enjoy some slow, savory mornings so you can really anchor the frequency of peace, ease, bliss and relaxation as you retreat.


A 120 minute Late Afternoon / Evening Practice of rituals and magic. All the practices will be powerfully activating and custom to the group in a gorgeous ceremonial space.

6:30pm to bed

We will enjoy dinner together either at the Bed and Breakfast or one of my favorite restaurants, Nineteen 19. Afterwards, we'll enjoy local wine tasting, music, sisterhood and fellowship together. We may enjoy some late night ceremonies as well!



Free time and space for lunch. Book a private 1:1 session or a massage, go out on a hike or just relax, create art, enjoy and be. On some of the days there will be optional workshops to attend! This is your space to enjoy as you wish.



A 120 minute Morning Practice of rituals and magic with the option to enjoy lunch at the Juice Shop or Coffeeshop in town after.


Each of the rooms at the Bed and Breakfast have their own personality - and they are all adorable. In one, you can step back into the 1700's with the original wide wood plank floor, stone fireplace and log walls of a large hand-hewn joist log cabin. In another, you enjoy a beautiful view of the pinnacle of the mountain. None will leave you disappointed.

Practice Space

In our morning and evening practies, the sun will rise and set through the original stained glass of this gorgeous historic 1890s church-turned-event-space creating kaleidoscope light all over the walls and the floor as we reclaim and remember the truth of our essence. The practice space is a 2 minute walk from the Bed and Breakfast.





Have questions?




We'd love to support you in exploring whether this experience is the best fit for you. Send Team Aria an email by clicking here or shoot us a DM on Instagram to start a conversation! 




10 years ago, my husband and I caught a vision for one of the most important and revolutionary parts of our legacy - land stewardship.
We saw ourselves anchoring a holographic society - becoming bridges for a potent and powerful return home to the village way of life - on lush land surrounded by majestic mountains, with an abundance of natural springs and backcountry hiking trails.

It was love at first sight.
We put in a bid on the land the next day. The rest is history.

The Story

Cumberland Gap.

Our day to day lives now feel like we are living in Heaven on Earth - a New Earth paradigm we only dreamed of til now.

In August of 2021, we met the one - 46 acres of pristine wilderness that absolutely took our breath away.

We are surrounded by the cleanest water in the country, CALLING IN A down-to-Earth community of musicians, artists and visionaries, BATHING IN a frequency that my soul has known since well before my time here on this planet.

Opening this Appalachian Vortex to you and inviting you into what we are building here is a dream come true. Our union with this fractal of Mama Gaia is what is co-creating the magic and miracles we are experiencing on a daily basis.


My heart is almost exploding out of my chest - like I am introducing this community to my new lover who I've been so deeply and privately in devotion to for 2.5 years.

I can't even tell you how excited I am to hug you in real life.
My eyes are watering and my heart is fluttering just thinking about what it will be like to see you in real life again.
Cheers to the opportunity to introduce you to the greatest love of my life…

Every cell in your body with breathe differently being here.
Every layer, level and dimension of you will begin to remember, to reclaim, to open to who you were before Earth got its hands on you.

Payment plans are not available this close to the retreat date. If you would like a payment plan, please inquire about future retreats by emailing us here.


asked questions



Knoxville is the closest airport and 1.5 hours south of Cumberland Gap! I can also connect you with others flying if you want to travel together. The other airport options will be outlined in the Welcome Packet you receive upon booking.


You'll receive a Welcome Packet after booking with ALL the details about the retreat, you won't have to do any research or guessing. It'll all be inside the packet!


Please review our cancellation and refund policy here. By purchasing you agree to our policies!

Past Retreats

charleston, south carolina

zion national park, utah

asheville, north carolina

"This retreat waaaaay exceeded my expectations! I could have never imagined the connections I made, the reflection and awareness it brought, and the overall love I walked away with. Waaay way beyond my wildest expectations. Plus the venue was amazing and all the adventures were breath taking.

The love and space people held for me allowed for me to dive deeper into my own reflection allowing for major shifts in my own beliefs. I feel like a better, stronger, more confident and compassionate version of myself.”

~ Missy 

I walked away with the deepest sense of community I’ve ever experienced.

from past retreats


“The simple schedule allowed for time to connect with the group and also have some 1:1 time with myself for journaling/reflection. I truly felt like everyone there was a mirror for myself to see situations in different perspectives. And I loved the variety of ages, genders and paths people came from.”

This retreat 1 thousand percent exceeded my expectations! The experience was unbelievable. 

~ Tiffany 

It was a GORGEOUS location and so wonderful and peaceful and full of some of the most AMAZING people I've ever met in my life!! We all felt so connected and I wouldn't trade the experience for the world.

“I was SUPER on the fence about this retreat before I signed up, but it was one of the best experiences I've ever had! My expectations were far exceeded! I had no idea that I would do so well and feel so comfortable with everyone there the entire time.

It was really empowering for me to feel like I was in a space where I was accepted fully for who I am! A few of the girls from the trip reached out to me and told me that things I said to them allowed them to speak more openly to their partners… It was such a fun and exciting way to feel like I'm on the right path. 

I think the whole trip was also just a testament to how aligned my energy feels right now. When I used to do things out of my comfort zone, I would have tons of negative self talk and I would feel super, super anxious. Even in the moments where I felt most uncomfortable during this experience, I was still totally calm and not down on myself in any way. It was a super cool experience and I love seeing my energy shift in that way.”

~ Amie

“The most memorable thing about this experience was definitely the people that we shared this sacred space with, the group in a whole was so beyond special. Aria whatever you are doing to attract these beautiful souls to you and attend these amazing retreats keep it up! Another thing would be the location, The fact that it was so close to some many different hikes through Zion was amazing! The glamping property was such a treat and so much better than expected and my goodness that FOOD!! So good!”

Everything about this retreat was exceptional. 

~ Alicia